The goal of #MFG90 is to drive thought leadership within the UK Manufacturing and Engineering community. We are here to help businesses through both COVID and Brexit, and come out the other side stronger, and with a real focus on re-shoring.

Anything we can do to help, weather it is the people within your business, so guiding you through the minefield of promoting yourself above and beyond your competitors, this is what we are here for.

If you are 100% behind UK Manufacturing and Engineering, then #MFG90 is on your side.

A Passion for uk manufacturing

Our aim is simple: Every 90 days we will focus on a current topic to help improve UK Manufacturing There is no cost to you. All we ask for is your time and expertise by commenting and sharing your thoughts and experiences We have done our research and people want to know more about various aspects of COVID, Apprenticeships, as well as how best to pivot after COVID. We intend on covering all the above – Tell us what is impacting your business right now, together we are stronger.


our vision

Raise the profile of engineering and manufacturing in the UK – For to long this sector has been overlooked and lacked investment Bring the Manufacturing community together – Together we are stronger and more collaboration is needed Encourage reshoring and increased exports – Lets make more in Britain and increase our exports


About us

Why are Darren Everard & Mark Amphlett doing this?

Darren & Mark between them have over 40 years experience across Operational Management, Marketing and Recruitment, all within Engineering and they share 1 common goal. A passion for UK Manufacturing!
We see at first hand the opportunities and challenges facing UK Manufacturers on a daily basis.


UK Manufacturing & Re-SHORING

UK Manufacturing

We need to come out of this stronger

Pushing for government

We need the government to support us as a sector

Pushing through stronger

As a team we will have a greater voice

Make Britain Great Again

We have something great here - lets shout about it

Industry Leaders

We need your input - as an expert in what you do, your voice counts


This is about the people, from all sectors, pushing for the one goal

Lets make a difference

It has never been a better time to get together to keep the UK Manufacturing #MFG90